Thursday, November 19, 2009

Merchants Millpond Camping Trips

One of the hidden gems of the North Carolina State Park system is Merchants Millpond State Park in Gates County. Described as "[a]n enchanted forest, [with] primitive species of fish relatively unchanged over millions of years, towering bald cypress trees with massive trunks, luxuriant growths of Spanish moss. Here, coastal pond and southern swamp forest mingle, creating one of North Carolina's rarest ecological communities. Together with upland forests, these environments create a haven for wildlife and humanity alike."

It is a paddler's paradise and one of the most unique camping locals in North Carolina. Kitty Hawk Kayak & Surf School offers guided overnight camping excursions to this majestic paddling mecca. We will paddle to our campsite, set up camp and begin to unwind in the natural beauty of the place. Explore the pond by kayak, hike the trails throught the forest, paddle up Bennets Creek, the source of the pond, and camp along the shores. Let our staff cater to your every needs; this will be the easiest camping trip you have ever been on. All trips include all equipment, fees, catered meals and transportation. This is also a great place for family camping trips, couples and first time kayakers as the environment is very sheltered from the elements. Call for more information.

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