Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons and Camp

What's SUP on the OBX?

What is a typical stand up paddleboard lesson like? A typical SUP lesson lasts one hour. The lesson begins with the anatomy of a SUP and its terminology. Next paddling techniques, balance and feet positioning are discussed. Participants then practice popping up onto the SUP on the beach before getting wet. Safety protocols for the group are then discussed and the remainder on the lesson (usually about an hour) is spent on the water SUPing. The instructor is there to help you catch waves, improve your paddling technique and answer any questions you might have about surfing, the ocean, waves, or SUP culture.

Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons cost $45.00 a person.

What is a SUP Camp Like?

The SUP Camp is for beginner surfers who are trying to learn all they can about SUPing while at the OBX. The camp will last three days and lasts 1.5 hours each session. The camp will take you from kook (novice) to shredder (good SUPer). Besides learning how to drop in, go down the line, turn, paddle and judge waves we will also enlighten you on the topics of ocean safety, North Carolina coastal geology, lunar cycles, wave formation, surf history, board shape science, surf lingo and all other things surf related. School’s in session and SUPing is the class. Come and join us so you can get SUPing today.

SUP camps cost $115.00 a person.

What time do your lessons start?

All SUP lessons start at 9 AM unless otherwise noted but you should meet at 8:45 AM at our shop in Kitty Hawk. That gives us enough time to fill out waivers, handle payment and size you up for a board and wetsuit if necessary. The wind is usually better early so it pays to get out of bed. Plus there are a lot less people on the beach and in the water at that time and we get the beach all to ourselves.

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